Scheduled inspections, testing and maintenance of your security system (Alarm System, CCTV System and Access Control) is essential to maintain maximum security protection.

Our highly trained and skilled technicians at Protection 1 are able to undertake Preventative Maintenance checks and Corrective Servicing of all elements of your electronic security – Security Alarm System, CCTV System and Access Control, no matter which company installed the system.

Maintenance of your system will include (but not limited to) the following work:

Alarm Systems

  • Control panel testing
  • Control Panel date and time settings
  • Power supply testing
  • Backup battery load testing
  • Testing of all Detection devices
  • Walking testing of Detection devices
  • Cleaning of detection devices as required
  • Remote and wireless device testing
  • Verification of Communications link

CCTV Systems

  • Inspect camera equipment integrity and connection per OEM manual
  • Verify camera lens focus is set correctly – rectify as required
  • Ensure camera lens is clean and dust free – undertake cleaning as required
  • Check all connections to back of recording unit
  • Check HDD’s and available space
  • Check recoding units time and date settings are correct – rectify as required
  • Check playback and recording function working correctly
  • Inspect CCTV monitors for image burn
  • Ensure monitors have correct contrast and brightness
  • Check supplementary and auxiliary devices
  • Firmware update to latest version