Alarm Monitoring

The installation of an alarm system is a vital investment in protecting families, property, plant and possessions. When you combine this investment with an alarm monitoring service you can turn your alarm system into an even more effective security system.

Monitoring is the key reporting link in electronic security. An alarm control interfaces with a communications device to deliver a message for a designated response. These signals can be sent by a cellular device, radio or digital communicator over the telephone, GPRS or mobile network. The central monitoring station receives and responds to this critical information by decoding the signal and responding according to pre-set instructions from the user.

The required responses, be it to police, fire brigade, doctor, security patrol, maintenance technician or to a list of authorised personnel, are individually tailored to meet the needs of each user. Reports can be provided on all activities or for opening and closing times so that you have a complete record of happens at your property even when you are not there.

As part of the monitoring service you can incorporate an automatic guard callout so you rest after hours knowing your premises are in good hands or the monitoring station which can arrange for a patrol company to respond only at your request if you cannot attend.

Monitoring can be provided on systems for fire, security, industrial and environmental alarms, building maintenance systems, CCTV, medical emergencies, personal security alarms, temperature alarms, hazardous substance detectors, alarms in remote mines or warehouses and for many other situations.

If it can be sensed it can be detected. If it can be detected it can be reported.


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